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Early Bird Check-In

Early start? That's no problem! Simply let us know that you want to take advantage of our Early Bird Check-In System and you can drop off your car at a time convenient to you.

The Early Bird Check-In Box can be found to the left of the Service Department main entry door. Simply follow the instructions on the Early Bird Check-In Booking System envelopes and you're ready to go! Don't forget to check our Courtesy Bus shuttle times for easy transport back to Autocorner to collect your vehicle later in the day.

Express Servicing

We are proud to offer our busy customers an express bay service, allowing a 1–2 hour vehicle service turnaround on minor repairs and some first services.

Courtesy Bus Service

Getting from A to B while Autocorner services your vehicle is EASY with our customer Courtesy Bus service. The Autocorner Service Department offers regular pick-up and drop-offs in the Southside / City regions and to Caneland Central Shopping Centre and four convenient pick-up and drop-off times to the Northside, Andergrove, Mt Pleasant and Slade Point regions.

Please notify your Courtesy Bus requirements at the time of booking, where possible. Download our Courtesy Bus Timetable

Loan Car Service

For your convenience, a replacement loan car may be available for your use while we service your vehicle.

All loan car requests will need to be made well in advance of your booking date to avoid disappointment. Terms and conditions do apply, so speak to a friendly service advisor for more information.

Air Conditioning Sanitiser

Does your vehicle need freshening up? An Air Conditioning Sanitiser Treatment will remove bad bacteria and can eliminate any unpleasant cabin smells - as well as reduce irritation to the eyes, throat or allergies. Make your car more hygienic for yourself and passengers for just $89. This service is recommended every 12 months.

Fuel System Treatment

Want your new car performance back? A Fuel Treatment Service will give your car faster acceleration, smoother idling and better fuel economy by cleaning the fuel injection system and removing carbon deposits from the engine.

Wheel Alignments & Tyre Sales

Autocorner offers the convenience of being a one-stop-shop, offering a full range of tyre and wheel services to ensure maximum durability of your tyres and road safety. We can offer:

  • New Tyre sales & fitment at Competitive Prices
  • Wheel Alignment, Balancing & Rotations
  • Platronic Machine – to test Wheel Alignment Geometry, Brake Efficiency

Paint & Panel Repairs

Take advantage of Autocorner's Paint & Panel Repairs Centre to bring your vehicle back to life! We can even repair minor paint blemishes, scratches & dents while your vehicle is being serviced. 

Roadworthy Inspection & Safety Certificate Service

Autocorner also offers the ability to conduct a fully certified Road Worthy Inspection and Safety Certificate.

A Safety Certificate is a compulsory certification required when you are looking to sell or transfer ownership of your vehicle.

Accessories & After Care Products

Autocorner can help you increase the look and value of your vehicle simply and easily during your next service. Ask us about the opportunity to include one of the following items on your next visit.

  • Tinted Windows
  • Rust Protection
  • Certified paint and fabric protection
  • Genuine Accessories such as bull bars, tow bars, headlight and bonnet protectors, and floor mats …. the list goes on